About Me


I am Karen Buchanan and I have been a qualified sleep consultant for 4 years. I originally trained as a Textile Designer and then worked for a couple years in South Africa. I have also worked in New Zealand but gained most of my work experience in the UK in a variety of work but nothing quite prepared me for parenthood and sleepless nights.

My Story

With my daughter we muddled our way through our sleepless nights but my son gave us a run for our money. We had quite a traumatic time leading up to and during his birth after I broke my leg when I was 37 weeks  pregnant. We coped doing whatever we could to just get through it as most parents do, but as months went by his sleep got worse; nothing I did seemed to work anymore. At times he would wake every half hour and I was too tired to do anything else but try breastfeeding him on an empty breast. 

Happy Family

I began searching the internet for any information but there was so much to read and I was so tired and grumpy. I finally came across some information that made some sense. After getting 5 hours straight sleep I felt like a new person. I could think sensibly again and began to research baby sleep in more depth. I now have a family that sleeps well and we enjoy each others company. We are a much happier family. I love helping other families and I continue to improve my own education and understanding through CPD's and courses.